Claim Group Help

For Blue Shield use this format

J012345670-000 (Always starts with J0 has 9th numeric number is always a 0) -000 is subscriber, -001 is spouse, -010 dependent, etc.
For Blue Shield Medicare use this format


For UnitedHealthcare Secure Horizons use ########## do not include the –

For Blue Cross use the 3 prefix letters and use the suffix 10 for subscriber, 20 for spouse, 30 for dependent

For Healthnet use the three digit suffix i.e., RXXXXXXFM1, FS1, MD1, etc.

Sierra Nevada Medical Associates
SNAETC = Sierra Nevada Aetna
SNBCCM = Sierra Nevada Blue Cross
SNBLSC = Sierra Nevada Blue Shield
SNBSSP = Sierra Nevada Blue Shield Medicare
SNHEAC = Sierra Nevada Healthnet
SNPACC = Sierra Nevada UnitedHealthcare
SNPCSH = Sierra Nevada UnitedHealthcare Secure Horizons